Some people hike out especially to see it; others happen upon it on their walk, bike or horse ride across Godlinsgton Heath.

Whether you’re expecting it or not, the story of this imposing rock that looks like it fell out of the sky is as mysterious as it is big – around 400 tonnes in fact.

Path leading to the Agglestone in Studland Stone sign for Agglestone and Studland The Agglestone on Godlingston Heath

The legend

Legend has it that the Agglestone was thrown over from The Needles on the Isle of Wight by the devil himself (‘Agglestone’ means ‘Devil’s Anvil’. The rock was once was anvil-shaped but has eroded over many years.)

Some say the devil was trying to hit Corfe Castle (luckily he missed!)

Do you dare to touch it? One thing is for sure, if you keep walking, once you’ve seen it you can feel it at your back as you go. Luckily the stunning scenery in this area will make you forget even the spookiest story.