Beach Huts

Beach Huts

The Swanage beach huts are available to hire all year round for daily, weekly and seasonal hire periods. They are a popular feature of the Swanage beached which allows you to have comfort and privacy while looking out to sea. They are also perfect for storage, leaving your swimming equipment at the beach, saving you from carrying them down every time you visit.

The Shore Beach Huts:
There are 60 beach huts available all year round and are located opposite the beach. These are the nearest beach huts to Swanage which is only 100 metres away and are perfect for those with kids. All huts are accessible, apart from number 1 to 14 which have steps to access.

The Spa Bungalows:
These are perfect if you are looking to get away from the crowds, they are positioned above Shore Road and overlooking the bay. They each contain a table, four chairs as well as electricity. These huts are limited as many are going through refurbishment that could take up to four years to complete.

The Spa Retreats:
These are the high specification beach huts, offering you comforts away fro the crowd and with spectacular views. They come with double-glazed doors, insulated walls, a removable table, cushioned storage benches, four chairs, and comfortable cushions.

How to Book Swanage Beach Hut Hire

The following details are stared on the site, these rotate each year and the dates are often the same every year:

For beach hut bookings from 28th March 2020 through to 26th March 2021 please see dates below for when we open bookings.

1st October 2019: 10.00 a.m.
From this date, you may book any beach hut for a continuous period from 10 to 52 weeks

15th October 2019: 10.00 a.m.
From this date, you may book any beach hut for a continuous period from 4 to 52 weeks

29th October 2019: 10.00 a.m.
From this date, you may book any beach hut for a continuous period from 1 to 52 weeks

You can also book a single day hire closer to the date of your visit.

You are able to book using the online booking forms, you are also able to book by phone (01929 766018 – 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.).

You can also book in person at the Swanage Information Centre, Shore Road, Swanage, BH19 1LB between 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Swanage Beach Huts for Sale

As a home for tranquil, picturesque white sandy beaches, it’s only fitting that Dorset should be home to efficient beach huts as well. These huts serve many purposes, from providing a cool spot to rest, or a place for your dog to hang out, a private space to eat lunch, somewhere to store valuables, somewhere to potentially spend the night, and the list goes on. This is why many beachgoers chose to rent a hut during their trip to one of Dorset’s beautiful beaches. However, those that visit often know that the price of renting a hut can add up quickly, so renting may not be the most cost-efficient option. Instead, we would recommend buying your own beach hut, with no need to worry about booking dates or paying fees for the space each year. Otherwise, you could consider buying one or more huts in prime locations and renting them out to others in order to make a guaranteed profit in the warmer months. We compiled this list of available options in April of 2020, of course, listings will change as time goes by, so be sure to look for new offers if a hut on this list has been purchased since our article was written. We’ve listed huts according to affordability and sorted them by location, so be sure to take a look at the entire listing.


  • Pod No. 108 at Overstrand, Boscombe, £20,000
  • Overstrand Pod No. 104 at Boscombe: Features double doors, sun-facing terrace, large retro coastal wall mural, electricity, hot & cold running water, kitchenette, furniture, kitchen utensils, sandwich toaster, and microwave. £65,000


  • Hut 7 Alum Chine, Bournemouth: Located close to restaurant and café, playground, and car park. No photo or further info about the hut. £35,000

Colwell Bay

  • Huts at Colwell Bay in Freshwater, Isle of Wright, £17,500


  • Hut 12 on Chesil Beach, Dorset: Sleeps up to 3, features a pantry cupboard, tap with rainwater in the kitchen, generator, and portable toilet area. £45,000
  • Hut 2 on Gundimore Beach in Christchurch, Dorset: Features a daybed, storage room, and room for table and chairs. Quiet location only 100 meters away from the Noisy Lobster restaurant. £74,000
  • Traditional Hut with double doors at Avon Beach, Mudeford: Worktop and cupboard space. £79950
  • Large beach hut and property on North Beach in Dorset: At roughly more than 3 times the size of an average hut, it can be used as family hut, summer rentals, or as it was previously used, as a takeaway café. £200,000+

East Sussex

  • Hut 412A in Hove, East Sussex: Needs some small maintenance and paint, located in front of Hove Lagoon’s Café. £21,000
  • Huts in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, £22,500
  • Hut 14 on Galley Hill, East Sussex: Views of the beach with built-in storage bench and small outdoor porch area. £25,000
  • Dupenny Hut No. 319 at Hove Esplanade, East Sussex: Located on the promenade; does not feature any furniture or kitchen like many of the other options. £26,500
  • Hut 4 at Glyne Gap in the town of St. Leonards, East Sussex: Large enough for a double sofa bed, table and chairs, and comes with worktop, patio doors, and large oak patio. £30,000


  • Matilda The Hut No. 182 at Dovercourt, Essex: Includes chairs, table, storage, seating, and kitchen accessories. Located close to car park, toilets, café. £9,250 
  • Hut 136 Dovercourt Bay, Harwich, Essex: Fully furnished with cooker, located 30 yards from the sea. £10,000
  • Salt & Light Hut No. D112 at Southcliff, Walton, Essex: Comes with furniture, gas cooker, and kitchen units. £13,500
  • Nellies Nest Hut No. D135 South Cliff, Walton on the Naze, Essex: Comes with new cooker and vintage kitchen unit. £14,500
  • Hut 117, Walton on the Naze, Essex: Located on the top, comes with kitchen units and daybed. £15,500
  • Skye Hut No. 21B, Walton on the Naze, Essex: Includes all contents (daybed, storage, kitchen worktop). £16,500
  • Annie Hut No. 44 Southcliff Parade, Walton on the Naze, Essex: Located on 2nd row, comes with daybed, table & chairs, and kitchen accessories. Land management fees and car park fees are included in the price. £17,000
  • Hut 16, Walton on the Naze, Essex: Located on the front row, comes with daybed, storage, and kitchen unit. £18,000
  • Hut 5A at Hollandon Sea, Essex: Upper-level hut with fitted units, functional oven, cutlery, plates, utensils, cups, dropdown table with chairs, 3 stools, 2 metal deck chairs, and 3 sun loungers. £18,500
  • Serendipity Hut No. 98, Walton on the Naze, Essex: Located on the top row, fitted with extra security door, comes with kitchen items, table & chairs, 6 collapsible canvas chairs, 2 sun beds, and daybed. £25,000
  • The Little Sail House at Victoria Esplanade, Essex: Large hut with a coastal interior in a popular booking spot; was previously let out for £60 per day and fully booked. £28,000
  • Hut H271 in Frinton, Essex: Includes kitchen, security shutters, convenient location. £32,000


  • Hut H38 In Hayling, Hampshire: Includes sunbed, day bed, table & chairs. £12,500
  • Hut B16 On Hayling Island, Hampshire: Features a kitchen, cupboards, table, chairs, and storage. £15,000
  • Hut 8 at Hordle Cliff in the town Milford-on-sea, Hampshire: Elevated hut on private land offering overnight stays unlike on council-owned land, king-sized bed, storage, stainless steel sink unit, and a few more amenities. The annual ground rent is £540. £55,000


  • 10×10 Hut at Shellness in Leysdown, Kent, £30,000


  • Huts in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, £19,800


  • Brackenbury Fort No. 327 in Felixtown, Suffolk: Smaller hut by the seaside and grassy field, features doors on both sides. £6,999
  • Hut 315, Felixtowe, Brackenbury Fort, Suffolk: Longer & wider than normal huts, comes furnished with kitchen accessories. £7,995
  • Hut No. 835, Brackenbury Cliffs, Felixstown, Suffolk: Well-maintained, located at end of the row, close to the car park, snack hut, toilets, the beach, and promenade. £18,500

As you’ll notice, the cheaper huts are smaller and more basic, while the more expensive huts offer more room and features. However, some of the more affordable huts do come with more amenities for less than others, so you’ll want to study all of the options within your price range to make the best decision based on cost, location, and features.