Durlston is an area of Swanage, located within Dorset, England. The area consists of large residential storybook homes that fit the ideal dollhouse architecture that Victorian-era architecture is famous for. Rather than being painted in bright, eye-catching colors, the homes in the area are painted in more traditional colors like white and gray. If you’re looking to move in the area, this neighborhood offers a beautiful environment that is situated close to the coast and located within close proximity to many areas of interest in the Durlston area.

One of the flats that we found for sale was just a 5-minute walk away from the beach and Town Centre. For longer journeys, transportation is very accessible in the area, with the Swanage Railway, public buses, and a ferry service all located close by. The area is close to other essential services as well, including the Swanage Primary School, Swanage Methodist Church (among others), Swanage Town Hall, Fire Station, Post Office, grocery store, and pharmacy.

Durlston Bay

If you’re looking into the Durlston area, then you will almost definitely come across the Durlston Country Park at some point. While this article doesn’t focus on the park, we do feel obligated to give a little information about the location, as it is one of the main attractions in the Durlston area. The country park doubles as a nature reserve and is part of the Jurrasic World Heritage site. It features the restored Durlston castle with an art gallery and shop inside, Anvil Point Lighthouse, and a large area of grounds abundant with nature trails and wildlife.

The park very much fits in with the Victorian style that we see within the residential area, with many of those details featured in the shrubbery, walks, inscriptions, and small architectural details. It only costs money to park at the location, otherwise, you can visit for free! Imagine how convenient it could be to live so close to the park, especially if you have young children that are in need of entertainment. Swanage Beach is also close by and serves as an excellent location for diving, fishing, and sailing.

Durlston is a beautiful location in Swanage that is suitable for a scenic drive or walk, an entire day’s devotion to the Durlston Country Park, or even a magical place to call home. The area is situated within walking distance of beaches, restaurants, and many essential services, with public transportation located nearby. While Swanage certainly has its share of mesmerizing locations, the Durlston area is known for its unique charm and beautiful Victorian homes.