When we start talking about the Swanage everyone immediately thinks of the seashore, with the pier, boat park, slipway abundant with the activities related to the sea. Of course, that is a great part of what our town has to offer to tourists and holidaymakers, but we need to take a look in the inner parts of our town. We need to make sure that everyone’s taste is contented in regards to the visit of our colorful town and that everyone leaves it with great memories.

Even though the fishing was always the main source of living for our people in Swanage, quarrying was also an important part of the industry back then. It reached its peak when Romans occupied this area and started to deteriorate when they left. One of the greatest products from that era was the Purbeck marble, which was famous for its decorative purposes. It is stated that even some buildings in London are decorated with it. On the other hand, it is mentioned that some churches and cathedrals were built with the Purbeck stone. New methods of quarrying helped the industry to start to grow again in the 17th century.

“It was in this time that stone first started being loaded on ships directly from the Swanage seafront; before this time quarried stone had been first transported to Poole for shipping” (Wikipedia ). This intro will take us to the Swanage mill pond, which is the oldest part of the town. This pond is filled by the water which comes from the Purbeck hills. In the past, the old brewery and the mill surrounded the pond. Nowadays, they are replaced by the cottages which were built by the Purbeck stone, and even though the mill and the brewery don’t exist you can feel the spirit of the old times by just looking at the environment. It will momentarily throw you back in the time when this location played one of the most important roles of the town back then.

Millpond Holidays

Millpond Cottage Rental

If you plan on staying in the old part town, we honestly recommend Millpond Cottage. It offers great, comfortable, and cozy accommodation with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms for seven guests in total. It also has a well-equipped kitchen adjacent to the garden which is bursting with colors and has a view over the millpond. The rooms are also well equipped with a nice book collection, with TV and good  DVD selection. The price goes from 142 £. We can hear only great impressions from the guests who are amazed by this small piece of paradise with its stunning garden. One of the main advantages of the Millpond cottage is proximity to the Swanage beach, shops, bars, and restaurants.

Since it is located in almost the heart of the town, there shouldn’t be more than 10-12 minute walk to all these places. When we talk about the Millpond, it is hard not to mention the Church of Saint Mary, with its rich history. It brings us back to the Second World War when the church suffered huge damage. The tower of the church, which was built for defense is the only original part that remained until today since the church was renovated four times. The top floor of the tower was built in 1620 with a peal of eight bells. The easiest way to get there is from the Swanage railway station. We suggest that you take the Kings RD W and you take the second left turn and you will enter the Church hill and after that, it will not be any problem locating the millpond and the church.

If you’re not keen on having fun at the beach or you just need to take a break from the crowd, we assure you that this site will be an excellent choice. There are a lot of pictures that portray the millpond throughout all seasons, but we usually get stunned by its beauty in the springtime when everything blooms. It gets so colorful and full of birds, with the swans and wild ducks gliding through the water. According to the Mill House gardener, in the spring the pond receives 30,000 gallons of clear water every day, purging the bacteria and create a specific environment. The water feeds the Swanage Brook as it slides to the sea. 

We are all aware of the fact that our town is mainly famous for its beach and activities on the sea, but no matter if you’re staying just for a day or longer we truly suggest you visit an old Millpond.