South Beach

South Beach

South Beach is a sheltered cove to the east of Studland. The beach is around 2 kilometres long and is a stretch of beautiful sandy shores that gently slope into the sea. South Beach has become increasingly popular for families with younger children as the waters at South Beach are relatively shallow and offer a little extra protection when comparing it to some of the other local beaches. This family-friendly beach is open throughout the year, but of course sees its largest influx of visitors during the summer season.

In addition to swimming and sunbathing, beachgoers can take part in golfing, boating, diving, surfing, and much more. Do note that if you plan on swimming, there are no lifeguards on duty. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 1st May to 30th September but can visit at other times, provided that they are on a lead and their owners clean up after them. Parking is available nearby, but car parks do fill up quickly during the summer, especially on weekends. Arrive early to guarantee yourself a place to park during the busier seasons.

How to Get to South Beach

South Beach gets most of its glorious sunshine in the earlier parts of the day due to it facing north and being backed by steep hills which can block a lot of the sunshine later on in the day. You will get to see plenty of boats and yachts which frequently anchor near to South Beach. There are also some fantastic views of Old Harry Rocks which is a chalk formation that stretches out into the sea. The beach is open 24 hours a day and should you be the walking type, the beach is part of the South West Coast Path which starts near Studland.

It should be pointed out that this beach does not have a lifeguard service running on it, so parents should keep an eye on their children, also if you have a dog, they are allowed on the beach, however during the time between the 1st of May and the 30th of September, the dogs must be kept on a lead which is 2 metres or less in length. In terms of activities to do, there are a few popular ones that take place at South Beach, these include kayaking, canoeing, kite surfing, sailing, and windsurfing. Of course, swimming and bathing are also popular.

Facilities at South Beach

South Beach is only a short walk away from Studland so you will be able to stock up on anything that you may need before heading to the beach, at the beach, there is a snack hut where you can get your basics including food and drink, there are also toileting facilities not too far away. There are also some beach huts available to rent should you see the need, these are particularly helpful if you have a lot of things that you can keep there for the duration of your holiday.

To the left, you will see a breakdown of what is available at the beach, as well as a contact number should you need additional information.