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The first historical evidence is telling Swanage was a fishing village. Quarrying was the key industry when the Romans came. Marble stone from Purbeck was famous and it was used as a decoration for inner parts of buildings back then. After the Romans left, the industry was not very as popular as it was before. The town of Swanage started its growth in the Victorian era and it was remembered as a tourist destination with the princess Victoria visited and stayed in a luxury hotel. The hotel later changed its name and became Royal Victoria Hotel.

Swanage is located on the bay and since without extremely hot summers with just a few rainy days and has always attracted tourists in that period of the year. In the Victorian era, it was noticed that mostly wealthy tourists were coming on their boats anchoring them on the pier. It is far different today where infrastructure, in general, is enhanced, but it has always been notable for its dock with boats around.

Before we even start to talk about the boat park and slipway, we just wanted to share how grateful we are of brave members of RNLI, the charity that saved lives off the coast of the Dorset county that was based in Swanage. It was established back in 1875.

Having a boat ramp is a very efficient way to have the boat or ship pulled out from the water surface. Materials from which the slipway is built are steel, concrete, also stone, and sometimes wood. There many examples where the slip or ramp is at the same level as the water surface. Before the ships or boats get pulled out or launched into the water, mostly ramps that are made from the steel should be covered with the grease to ease the process of sliding

That brings us to a discussion about the Swanage slipway. There are two slipways and a boat park, but the key issue is that we don’t have separate facilities for commercial fishermen and recreational purposes, so it could be safer for locals or tourists. One of the leading marine construction and engineering companies was hired to solve this issue. The company won the award for the best project back in 2018 for the reparation of the Swanage Pier. Slight setback brought us to 2019, where the local authorities have notified Environment agency about the slippery slipway near Heritage center and Swanage museum.

Due to that parish council has closed the slipway until further notice and feedback from the Environment Agency. They have also placed a warning sign for safety reasons. The slipway next to the boat park can be used instead. The town council has provided a map on their site, so everyone can locate it easier. There are also rules and regulations set by the town council. There is also plenty of useful information that will ease visit by the boat. The slipway at the boat park can be used for launching craft throughout the whole day at any time of the year. It is important to say that the payment is required before the craft is launched from the boat park slipway. Browsing through the map and webpage of Swanage (Peveril Point) boat park and slipway you may find phone numbers for the additional information. Water taxi and boat hire are also available. People from the call centers will gladly be at your service regarding any questions and concerns. Along with usual water sports, Swanage provides other fun activities such as crabbing. It became very popular among families, where the pier and quayside get abundant, with children and adults crabbing. People can throw frozen squid and bacon to catch the crabs easier. Sitting on the pier and enjoying the sun while fishing can be unforgettable especially on the sunset. If you’re more enthusiastic and adventurous, you can always rent a boat if you fancy fishing off the coast. There are also fishermen’s huts on the foreshore. „There are 19 huts that local fishermen can rent from the Town Council, enabling them to have ample storage for nets and equipment whilst having easy access to the sea. The huts are numbered from 1 – 20, missing out No. 13 as this is considered unlucky for fishermen! There is currently a waiting list for these huts.“ (from the local webpage).

Bring your fishing gear and let yourself to the moment. Due to the current situation in the whole world, we’re cannot be sure 100% if the situation will improve during the summer, having in mind that the world’s most popular and attractive destinations are still closed for the tourists. In this case, maybe it’s the right time for visiting this area if you haven’t traveled to the southeast coast yet. There are a lot of restaurants and bars in the town itself, but if you’re more into spending your time near the beach and shore there are some restaurants located on the shore road. You can find various types of dishes from local and international cuisine. If you’re planning on spending more days exploring the coastline of Swanage, there are lots of guidance and webpages that will help you to book your accommodation. Before you even start planning the trip to our picturesque town and area, please avoid reading forums that were posted many years ago and try to find the correct and valid information on our local web pages.