Stair Hole

Stair Hole

Stair Hole is located just to the west of Lulworth Cove and is a fantastic place to see and learn firsthand exactly how erosion shapes the coast adn world around us. From the viewpoint, the classic stages of erosion can be deen which include formations such as caves, blow-holes, arches, stacks, and stumps. The seas erosive force is developing these formations before our eyes. The erosion has helped scientists study the rock formations and the underlying rocks to help build a better picture of the history of the Jurassic Coast. On either side of Stair Hole, it reveals how the sedimentary beds that used to be flat have now been lifted up, tilted and twisted to form them into some amazing patterns. There are information posts at the viewing point explaining exactly what is going on and what you can see.

From the sea, Stair Hole appears to be a series of arches and caves that have been carved into the Portland Limestone, cracks and joins have formed in the limestone that has been eroded and widened by the waters around them. When viewed from the land, the arches in the limestone are far more visible, the Purbeck Beds have been exposed to the waters erosive power and these rocks erode at a faster rate which is ultimately causing Stair Hole to widen and expand. 

Stair Hole in Popular Culture

  • Stair Hole was featured in Nuts in May, a Play for Today which was directed by Mike Leigh.
  • It was also featured in Five on a Treasure Island, which was filmed in 1957 by the Children’s Film Foundation.
  • It also featured in The Moonraker and was the background for the exciting swordfight between George Baker and Peter Arne.

What Visitors Have to Say About Stair Hole

“Absolutely stunning look at it.. Thousands of years of an artist’s sculpture and constantly evolving (no person can recreate) it is surrounded by its own natural art gallery on Dorsets Jerrasic coast absolutely fabulous. Well worth a visit” – A review from a TripAdvisor user.

“Sometimes you have to explore slightly to find unexpected areas – up from the beach at Lulworth Cove is this marvelous little view of Stair Hole – another lovely rock formation & Geological marvel.” – A review from a TripAdvisor user.“Quite staggering as a spectacle especially when approached from the sea! Grab the opportunities provided by Jurassic Coast Adventures. An amazing experience!”  – A review from a TripAdvisor user.