This intriguing landform can be easily missed on your trip to Lulworth Cove, but making your way up the short path to see it is well worth it and opens up a whole new perspective to this stunning area of the Jurassic Coast with a viewpoint commanding impressive vistas of the coastline.

If you have budding geologists with you, or if you want to bring those Geography lessons to life, this is the place to go to really see and understand first-hand the effects of erosion on our coastline. The layers of the past are also laid bare before you in the strata of the nearby Lulworth ‘Crumple’.

You can learn more at Lulworth’s visitor centre, where the team have created informative videos showcasing the incredible history of this special part of the Jurassic Coast and for a souvenir of your day the gift shop stocks fossils, rocks and gems.