Studland Beach

Studland Beach

Studland Beach is known as one of the best beaches in all of the United Kingdom. Boasting nearly four miles of rolling sands and shallow, warm waters, Studland is a delight for all who visit. The beach is open to visitors year-round and offers each guest a huge variety of activities to partake in. With its gentle waters, convenient parking, and variety of facilities, Studland Beach is an ideal location for families. No matter what one chooses to do whilst visiting, each visitor will be met with amazing sea views that stretch all the way from Old Harry to the Isle of Wight!

Beaches located within the Studland peninsula start at the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site (at Old Harry Rocks) and extend north to Shell Bay. The beaches at Studland are divided into four distinct areas and include Shell Bay, Knoll Beach, Middle Beach, and South Beach. All of these areas are owned by the National Trust. Studland Beach is credited as being the inspiration for the Toytown location in Enid Blyton’s Noddy book series.

At Shell bay, a ferry provides a transportation connection to both Poole and Bournemouth. South Beach is the smallest in the area and is quite popular with locals. Middle Beach is known for its low cliffs, while Knoll Beach offers wide-open spaces and a designated naturist area. Dogs are welcome at each of these beaches but note that some restrictions do apply during the summer months.

Popular Studland Beach activities include:

  • Slacklining
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Paddleboarding
  • Sailing
  • Power Boat Trips
  • Cycle Hire
  • Paddling

The beaches at Studland Bay are open to the public year-round, but they receive the largest number of visitors during the summer months. It is not uncommon for the beaches to receive thousands of visitors on warm, summer weekends. The beaches are relatively accessible to a large portion of the population and as such, parking limitation measures have had to be taken in order to prevent overcrowding.

Today, parking is available at both Studland Beach and Shell Bay. However, parking space is limited during the busy season and visitors may wish to either walk or take public transportation. Whether arriving via car or bus, visitors will need to take the chain ferry located at Poole Harbour. The ferry runs approximately every 20-minutes. Shell Bay beach is actually closest to the ferry, but many choose to press on and proceed to Studland Beach due to the fact that Shell Bay is known for stronger currents whilst the tide is going out and the larger amounts of seaweed within its waters.

Camping Facilities and Other Activities

Studland Summer Camps – Located near Knitson, these temporary campsites are open from July to early September and are open to naturists. The cost is £10 per night, per unit, and discounts are provided for longer stays. Facilities include showers, toilets, emptying stations, and recycling. Caravans are not allowed.

Burnbake – This campsite is located along the road running from Corfe Castle to Studland. Studland Beach is approximately three miles away from this campsite and can be reached on foot. The site is rather basic but does offer showers and an on-site shop that sells fresh croissants and Danish pastries. The cost is £8 per day for a car with two adults, or £6.50 for a single backpacker.

Priestway Holiday Park – This park is approximately a 15-minute drive from Studland and offers large tent rentals at a rate of £13 per night. An on-site club, bar, restaurant, and swimming pool add to the appeal of this park.

Seacombe Horse Riding Holidays – Riding holidays are on offer courtesy of Studland Stables. These include rides on Studland Beach. Contact Seacombe for more information.

Directions to Studland Beach

The two most popular ways to arrive at Studland Beach are as follows:

From the West, take the A351 from Wareham, and turn left onto the B351 for Studland prior to reaching Corfe Castle. Once in Studland, proceed through the village and then follow the signs to the Studland Beach car park. The National Trust owned car park costs £6 per day in June and £9 in July. The fee permits the use of any National Trust car park within the Studland area.

From the East, board the ferry that travels from Sandbanks across the entrance to Poole harbor and up to the northern tip of Studland Heath. The distance is rather short, but during the busy summer months, expect a long queue for the ferry. Upon exiting the ferry you will see the aforementioned National Trust paying car park. Parking rates are listed above.