Swanage Bay

Swanage Bay

The pride and joy of Swanage are its beautiful beaches and lovely bay. In 2018, Swanage Bay and its beach received the coveted Blue Flag and Seaside Award for the seventeenth consecutive year. The award is based upon the results of a detailed inspection of water quality, cleanliness, and accessibility to facilities. The sea connected to the central beach area meets and exceeds European standards and is consistently evaluated by the Environmental Agency.

The Blue Flag beaches are required to remain in compliance with certain criteria including but not limited to water quality, environmental management, safety, and local services. The Seaside Award offers notoriety to beaches that maintain the highest standards of beach management, while also meeting water quality guidelines. For more information on the Seaside Awards, visit http://www.theseasideawards.org.

During the busy summer months, the beach is regularly patrolled by local enforcement officers who work hard to ensure that beach regulations and local laws are followed. A dedicated craft-free area is set aside for swimmers, and certified lifeguards monitor the waters during the summer season. Lifeguards are standing by to provide assistance from May 26th to September 9th each year.

Swanage Bay Watercraft Information

As for Swanage Bay specifically, all boat and watercraft users are required to follow local regulations. This means observing the 5-knot buoy area from March 15th through September 30th yearly. Watercraft can be launched safely at the boat park located at Peveril Point. This launch area is located just off Broad Road, next to the car park.

Dinghies and other small craft that are not power-driven can be launched at the Parish slipway, as well as at Monkey Beach. Do note, however, that the Monkey Beach launch area receives a high volume of traffic during the summer months. The launching of any motor-powered watercraft is not permitted at either of these locations. The Slipway is located near the Swanage Museum & Heritage Centre, and all tow trailers must be moved from the slipway after the craft has been launched. An additional slipway is located at Ocean Bay Watersports, which is on the northern side of Town Council beach.

Sailing, Diving, and Charter Hire

Sailing is yet another popular pastime at Swanage Bay. The local sailing club is located on Buck Shore next to the pier. For more information on the Swanage Sailing Club, visit https://www.swanagesailingclub.org.uk.

During the summer months, Swanage Pier sees an influx of divers who come from around the globe to experience the crystal clear waters of the Pier and surrounding areas. Charter diving boats operate from the pier area and are available for hire throughout the year. If you’d like more information on charter hire and diving in and around Swanage Bay, visit the following website: http://www.swanagepiertrust.com.

Swanage Bay Pet Rules

Dogs are welcome to visit Swanage beach with their owners between October 1st and April 30th each year. Between May 1st and September 30th, dogs are not allowed to visit the Council-owned Central Beach. However, they are permitted on Monkey Beach, which is close to the pier, near the old stone quay. Note that North Beach is privately owned and each owner may have their own pet regulations in place. Please follow the rules as posted on the owner’s requirements signs.

There are a number of pet-friendly attractions in Dorsett. Visit the Dorsett Dogs website for more information on these, as well as the responsible ‘The Doggy Do Code’ and location regulations: https://www.dorsetdogs.org.uk.