Fancy discovering a new hobby or rekindling an old favourite pastime in a beautiful, natural setting?

The Shed at Durlston Country Park is a great way to try out skills like woodworking, arts & crafts and gardening, whilst meeting other like-minded people in this fantastic community work base.

Sign on The Shed at Durlston made out of scrap metal

The Shed at Durlston

The Shed is nestled in the trees, just past the woodland entrance to the Park, on Lighthouse Road.

The Shed is fully accessible and is open to all ages. It’s especially popular with people with disabilities, long-term health problems and dementia.

There’s always a team of friendly and helpful volunteers on hand to support whatever projects are happening. Even if you don’t fancy trying one of the activities, it’s a lovely place to sit and soak up a bit of nature and socialise for a couple of hours.

With a fully equipped workshop inside the shed, a healthy supply of tea, coffee and biscuits on hand, and a garden area including raised beds and a greenhouse, there’s something for everyone at Durlston’s shed.

Items made at the shed are often sold in the shop in Durlston Castle.

Sensory boxes in progress at Durlston Country Park's The Shed,
Sensory boxes being made in the workshop
Inside the workshop at The Shed, Durlston Country Park
Tool station inside shed
Man holding whittled work of leaf and mouse cheese board at Durlston Country Park
Carving skills
Carved mouse on cheese board and leaf, Durlston Country Park
Carved leaf necklace and mouse cheese board
Sample woodworking pieces on display at The Shed,
Examples of what you can make at The Shed
Durlston Country Park's volunteer shed garden area
Raised beds
Painted 'Plant Sale' sign outside the volunteer shed at Durlston Country Park
Pick up a plant bargain
Greenhouse and raised flowerbed in volunteer area of Durlston Country Park
See what's growing in the garden
Welcome blackboard for coffee and a chat at The Shed, Durlston Country Park
Pop in for a cup of tea & a biscuit
Pots in the garden area of the Shed at Durlston Country Park
The Shed's garden
Wooden leaf carved by a participant of the Durlston Shed group
You can buy handmade gifts by members of The Shed at Durlston's shop
View of the Shed at Durlston's volunteering area in the woods
Outside The Shed


There are various regular meeting times for different activities at The Shed, as well as Monday morning sessions for students from local schools.

  • Cuppa & Chat – Pop to The Shed for an informal meet-up with a friendly bunch of people, Mondays, 2pm – 4pm
  • Help a Ranger – Lend a hand with some fun DIY projects around the park, including painting and craftwork, Tuesdays 2.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Shed meet-up – Have a go at woodwork, gardening or arts & crafts, led by ‘Lead Sheddies’, Wednesdays 2.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Gardening Club – Join the group in tending to The She’d veg patch, plants and flowers – produce is sold at the plant stall to help with fundraising, Fridays 2pm – 4pm

Check out how you could learn a new skill or contribute to Durlston’s conservation in this short video: