Naturist Beach

Naturist Beach

On the north-eastern part of Dorset, known as the Isle of Purbeck, one can find a three-mile stretch of beach that is reserved for naturists and it is by far the United Kingdom’s most popular naturist beach at the moment. This zone is located towards the northern side of this long sandy beach and it is accessible from the main National Trust car park at Knoll beach. You’ll know when you get there as the area is clearly marked with signposts informing the general public that naturists can be seen on this 1km long reserved area.

The beach is about 20 meters wide with a number of sand dunes surrounding it. However, the beach has no natural shade, so if you’re planning a visit on a hot sunny day, taking a beach umbrella might be a good idea, depending on the tan you’ve planned on getting that is. The area is also void of facilities, with the nearest beach kiosks and toilet facilities being located a mile to the south in Studland village, so a packed lunch would be the best option if you’re planning on spending a day lazing on the soft sand.

Nudism on this beach is optional and not mandatory, so if you’re not quite sure you want to take a dip in your birthday suit, you can still go and enjoy this beach which is also voted the sixth-best beach in Britain.

According to its history, Studland was a traditional beach for many years. However, naturists have always drifted towards the northernmost part of the beach as it is sheltered by the sloping sand dunes that are typical of the area. The National Trust were granted the ownership of the beach and the surrounding heathland nature reserve a few years ago. Since then, a Studland Beach Users Action Group (SBUAG) has been formed. The SBUAG includes representatives of the local council, beach facility owners, naturist organizations and also members of the police to make sure the beach is secure for all whilst also handling inappropriate behavior whenever it occurs.

Overall the beach is clean, quiet and a safe space where people can enjoy being themselves whilst taking a dip in the sea and basking in the sun if the weather permits it. The locals are well aware of this area of the beach so no need to worry about on-lookers judging your choices.