There are multiple different routes to get from Poole to Swnager or Swanage to Poole depending on the direction of your travel, some are pretty straight forward while others can be a little confusion, here is a list of the best ways to get from Poole to Swanage.

By Car (Via Sandbanks Ferry): There are two methods of getting from Poole to Swanage by car, the first is the more direct route which also includes using the Sandbanks Ferry service which his a short crossing between Sandbanks and the north of Studland.

Starting out from Pool you will need to take Parkstone Road up until it meets Sandbanks Road, there will be plenty of road signs pointing towards Sandbanks and then as you approach, there will be signs for “Swanage via Chain Ferry”. The crossing time is only 4 minutes. Once on the other side, you need to follow Ferry Road down into Studland, then take the B3351 towards Swanage and this will take you onto Ulwell road and into the centre of Swanage.

By Car (Without Sandbanks Ferry): Getting from Poole to Swanage without the help of the Sandbanks Ferry will give you a travel distance of around 19.8 miles which will take approximately 32 minutes to travel. You will be taking a number of different A roads to make the journey.

Starting out in Poole, you will want to get onto the A350 which will begin to take you out of Poole, the A350 will then become the A35 which you need to continue along. Once you reach the Baker Arms Roundabout you will need to take the first exit onto Wareham Road/A351/ The A351 will take you all the way through Wareham, Corfe Castle and Langton Matravers and ll the way into Swanage.

By Bus: Good news for those that prefer the bus, there is a bus around, the Breezer 40 that goes direct from Poole Bus Station all the way to Swanage Bus Station. You can jump on to the Breezer 40 from either Poole Bus Station or from outside Poole Rail Station. The bus takes the longer road route to get to Swanage, passing through Upton, Holton Heath, Wareham, Corfe Castle, and Langton Matravers before reaching Swanage Bus Station. The journey takes just over one hour

By Train: If you were planning on getting from Poole to Swanage just via trains, you will be out of luck as there is not a direct route between the two. From Poole station you will need to take the Southern Western Railway service towards Weymouth, you must then get off at Wareham where you will need to take the number 40 Breezer Bus the rest of the way into Swanage.

By Bike: If you are feeling a little more fit, it is perfectly acceptable to cycle from Poole to Swanage, the journey is just under 12 miles depending on the part of Poole you are coming from and will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

From whichever part of Poole you are sitting out from you will want to get onto Sandbanks Road (B3369), follow this road all the way to the end where you will be greeted with the Sandbanks Ferry, you will need to take this 4-minute crossing to end up on the Studland side. You will then need to follow Ferry Road south, continue down Ferry Road until you reach Studland, from here you need to take Swanage Road, take a slight left onto Ulwell Road, you can follow Ulwell Road into Swanage, take Redcliffe Road once you reach the outskirts of Swanage, this will take you into the centre of Swanage town.