It is a relatively short journey from Wareham to Swanage which is perfect for getting down there on a sunny day, there are multiple different routes that can be taken and so we have outlined them for you below so you can choose the journey that you prefer.

By Car:

There is a direct route between Wareham and Swanage which will take you around 20 minutes to travel. From Wareham, you want to take the A351 southbound, you will want to stay on the A351 as it passes through Corfe Castle and as you begin to approach Swanage, you will merge into High Street which will take you into the heart of Swanage.

By Bus:

There is a direct bus route from Wareham to Swanage, the Breezer 40 bus goes direct from Wareham all the way into Swanage Bus Station at the heart of the town. The bus runs all year round and the journey time will take approximately 30 minutes.

By Train:

Unfortunately, you will be a little stuck if you are planning to get there by train, there is not a rail link between Wareham and Swanage so you will be required to take the Breezer 40 bus from Wareham Rail Station.

If you would really like to have a train as part of your journey, you could take the Breezer 40 bus down to either Norden or Corfe Castle and use the local train line that will run to Swanage, it will only be a very short train ride from either of those stations into Swanage.

By Bike:

Swanage is within cycling distance of Wareham if you are an avid cycler. It will take you roughly 1 hour and 8 minutes to cycle there. The roads are a little more scenic than those taken by car so it is a great way to see some of the beauty that lies within Dorset. 

Starting out in Wareham, you will want to take the B3075 heading south, then take a left on to Nutcrack Lane, follow this road until it becomes Arne Road, this will take you onto the National Cycle Route 2, follow this down until you get to the Norden Roundabout, you will then need to take the 1st exit onto the A351. Once near Corfe Castle, you will want to turn left onto Sandy Hill Lane, carry on following this road until you get to Burnham’s Lane, follow this lane and you will then need to take a right turn onto Washpond Lane, at the end of Washpond Lane, take a left onto High Street, this will take you into the heart of Swanage.